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As a voice from the past, God's mighty man raises His Standard high,
that God's Truth should not be lost in these
Last Days of deception.

"He being dead yet speaketh"
(Hebrews 11:4 ).
  Wisdom is justified.

Andrew Murray

"The great bane of all our converse with Divine things
is superficiality. When we read anything
and understand it somewhat, we think that this is enough.
No: we must give time, that it may make an impression
and wield its own influence upon us.
Read every portion the first time with consideration,
to understand the good that is in it,
and then see if you receive benefit
from the thoughts that are there expressed.
Read it the second time to see if it is
really in accordance with God's word...
ponder them in order to come under the full force
of what God has said on the point...
Read it then the third time
to find out the corresponding places,
not in the Bible, but in your own life,
in order to know if your life has been
in harmony with the New Life,
and to direct your life for the future
entirely according to God's word...
Only give Him time to hold converse with you
and to work in you,
and your heart shall overflow with the blessedness
of God."

-from "THE NEW LIFE" ---New Window
Words of God for Young Disciples of Christ
by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray
"Original" portrait of Dr. Murray courtesy of Debbie Fortnum, Andrew Murray's Great, Great, Great, Great Granddaughter.

"8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an Open Door, and NO man can shut it:
for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My WORD, and hast not denied My Name.

Because thou hast kept the WORD of My patience, I also will keep thee
from The Hour Of Temptation
, which shall come upon all the world,
to try them that dwell upon the earth.

Behold, I come quickly: HOLD THAT FAST which thou hast,
that NO man take thy crown.

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches"
(Revelation 3:8,10-11,13).


His Name is The WORD.

Writings by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray: THE NEW LIFE ---New Window
Words of God for Young Disciples of Christ

It is easy to profess Christ, but a real Christian lives Christ. Andrew Murray vividly depicts how we should then live in Christ. Though Murray's "The New Life" is primarily intended for the New Believer, it is also encouragement for those who have borne the heat of the day. Read Brother Murray's words, but be sure to read the supporting Scripture, for they justify why Andrew Murray said it in the first place.

"I go to the word and learn there all the characteristics of a child of God; and after each one of them I write: this Jesus shall work in me: I have him to make me to be a child of God."
(taken from THE NEW LIFE, Chapter 8: CHILDREN OF GOD)

An added feature from "What Saith the Scripture?":
We have included the full Scripture text at the points where you would have had to look them up, thus making it easier for you to benefit from them. A few of the original Scripture references (only around two dozen of 2,300) were entered online incorrectly. We have tried to remain faithful to Mr. Murray's intent and motives in replacing references that were incomplete (i.e., non-existent chapter or verse numbers). We formatted the Scriptures with bulleted indentions, thus preserving the flow of Mr. Murray's original manuscript. We wish to THANK those individuals responsible for making this etext available.

  Wisdom is justified.


Andrew Murray: Divine Healing ---New Window
A Series of Addresses and a Personal Testimony

Scripture Annotated Version

"Oh, that we could learn to believe in the promises of God! God has not gone back from His promises; Jesus is still He who heals both soul and body; salvation offers us even now healing and holiness, and the Holy Spirit is always ready to give us some manifestations of His power. Even when we ask why this divine power is not more often seen, He answers us: 'Because of your unbelief.' The more we give ourselves to experience personally sanctification by faith, the more we shall also experience healing by faith. These two doctrines walk abreast. The more the Spirit of God lives and acts in the soul of believers, the more will the miracles multiply by which He works in the body... On the morrow Peter repeated these words before the Sanhedrin, 'By the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth... doth this man stand here before you whole;' and then he added, 'There is none other name under heaven... whereby we must be saved.' This statement of Peter's declares to us that the name of Jesus both heals and saves. We have here a teaching of the highest import for divine healing... I know there are a great many difficulties about this question of holiness; I know that all do not think exactly the same with regard to it. But that would be to me a matter of comparative indifference if I could see that all are honestly longing to be free from every sin. But I am afraid that unconsciously there are in hearts often compromises with the idea: 'We cannot be without sin; we must sin a little every day; we cannot help it.' Oh, that people would actually cry to God: 'Lord, do keep me from sin!' Give yourself utterly to Jesus, and ask Him to do His very utmost for you in keeping you from sin." --by Andrew Murray

  Wisdom is justified.


Andrew Murray: The Power of Persevering Prayer ---New Window

"Of all the mysteries of the prayer world, the need of persevering prayer is one of the greatest. That the Lord, who is so loving and longing to bless, should have to be asked, time after time, sometimes year after year, before the answer comes, we cannot easily understand. It is also one of the greatest practical difficulties in the exercise of believing prayer. When, after persevering pleading, our prayer remains unanswered, it is often easiest for our lazy flesh, and it has all the appearance of pious submission, to think that we must now cease praying, because God may have His secret reason for withholding His answer to our request.It is by faith alone that the difficulty is overcome."


  Wisdom is justified.


Andrew Murray: The True Vine ---New Window

"I have felt drawn to try to write what young Christians might easily apprehend, as a help to them to take up that position in which the Christian life must be a success. It is as if there is not one of the principal temptations and failures of the Christian life that is not met here. The nearness, the all-sufficiency, the faithfulness of the Lord Jesus, the naturalness, the fruitfulness of a life of faith, are so revealed, that it is as if one could with confidence say, Let the parable enter into the heart, and all will be right.

May the blessed Lord give the blessing. May He teach us to study the mystery of the Vine in the spirit of worship, waiting for God's own teaching."

  Wisdom is justified.


Andrew Murray: The LORD's Table ---New Window

A Help to the Right Observance of the Holy Supper

The Divine Invitation

"Behold, I have made ready my dinner. All things are ready. Come to the marriage."
–Matthew 22:4.

Let the King of Heaven and Earth say this to you. In honor of His Son He has prepared a great supper. There the Son bears His human nature. There are all the children of men, dear and precious to the Father, and He has caused them to be invited to the great festival of the Divine love. He is prepared to receive and honor them there as guests and friends. He will feed them with His heavenly food. He will bestow upon them the gifts and energies of everlasting life.

O my soul, thou also hast received this heavenly invitation. To be asked to eat with the King of Glory: how it behooves thee to embrace and be occupied with this honor. How desirous must you be to prepare yourself for this feast. How you must long that you should be in dress and demeanor, and language and disposition, all that may be rightly expected of one who is invited to the court of the King of kings.

Glorious invitation! I think of the banquet itself and what it has cost the great God to prepare it. To find food for angels: for this only one word was necessary. But to prepare for man upon this accursed earth a banquet of heavenly food–that cost Him much. Nothing less than the life and blood of His Son, to take away the curse and to open up to them the right and the access to heavenly blessings. Nothing less than the body and the blood of the Son of God could give life to lost men. O my soul, ponder the wonders of this royal banquet.

  Wisdom is justified.


Andrew Murray: Helps to Intercession --New Window

"Who is Sufficient for These Things? - "The more we study and try to practice this grace of intercession, the more we become overwhelmed by its greatness and our feebleness. Let every such impression lead us to listen: My grace is sufficient for thee, and to answer truthfully: Our sufficiency is of God. Take courage; it is in the intercession of Christ you are called to take part. The burden and the agony, the triumph and the victory are all His. Learn from Him, yield to His Spirit in you, to know how to pray. He gave Himself a sacrifice to God for men,that He might have the right and power of intercession. 'He bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.' Let your faith rest boldly on His finished work. Let your heart wholly identify itself with Him in His death and His life. Like Him, give yourself to God a sacrifice for men; it is your highest nobility; it is your true and full union with Him; it will be to you, as to Him, your power of intercession. Beloved Christian! come and give your whole heart and life to intercession, and you will know its blessedness and its power. God asks nothing less; the world needs nothing less; Christ asks nothing less; let us offer to God nothing less."

Also, please read:

Intercession Promises: Casting The Net ---New Window
Or, Help in Becoming Fishers of Men
by Katie Stewart

"And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after Me, and I will make you to become fishers of men"
(Mark 1:17).
(in our "Promises" section)

  Wisdom is justified.


Quotes From
Andrew Murray:Absolute Surrender ---New Window

God's help is offered, but you must trust Him.
"My Father worketh hitherto, and I work" (John 5:17).

"And why have you not experienced it? Because you have not trusted God for it... believe that God will maintain it... that aged saint who, on his ninetieth birthday... --I mean George Muller. What did he say he believed to be the secret of his happiness, and of all the blessing which God had given him?... two reason. The one was that he had been enabled by grace to maintain a good conscience before God day by day; the other was, that he was a lover of God's Word... Such a life has two sides-- on the one side, absolute surrender to work what God wants you to do; on the other side, to let God work what He wants to do." page 13
  Wisdom is justified.


Andrew Murray:Be Not Discouraged In Prayer... Even For the Impossible! ---New Window

by Amanda Collin
with excerpt by Dr. Andrew Murray

"Discouragement in prayer comes in many forms. For those of us who have family members who profess Christ and do not bear the fruit of a Christian life, it is not a hard thing to be discouraged that they will ever repent of their backslidings. Sometimes, this seems an impossible prayer. 'I am so helpless,' you think, 'I've said all I know how to say to them. I was even in tears, pleading with them to see the truth and to repent before it's too late. It's impossible!' Here's what Andrew Murray had to say on this subject (excerpt from his book, 'State of the Church'):

'Do we not know that throughout Scripture a chief element of faith in God is a sense of powerlessness and utter helplessness? I want to speak here on the place faith must have if we are to obtain that deep, intense, living vitality which we are longing for. If we are to appropriate the words, 'Fear not, only believe,' as really spoken by our Lord to ourselves, we must note well the attitude of the man to whom they were first given..."
  Wisdom is justified.

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