What Saith the Scripture?

Jesus Christ, the Hope in You

"Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God our Saviour, and LORD Jesus Christ, which is our hope."
(1 Timothy 1:1)

"To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the Hope of Glory."
(Colossians 1:27)

by Charles G. Finney
(edited by Katie Stewart)

Christ is our Hope. Our only rational expectation is from Him. Christ in us is our Hope of glory. Without Christ in us, we have no good or well-grounded hope of glory. Christ in the Gospel, Christ on the cross, Christ risen, Christ in Heaven, all is hope, of an external type, to the believer; but Christ in us, Christ actually present, living, and reigning in us, as really as He lives and reigns in glory, is the only bedrock and only well-grounded Hope a real Christian has.

We cannot stress this too much. The soul that does not know, and Spiritually know, Christ in this relation has absolutely no well-grounded hope. He may hope that he is a Christian. He may hope that his sins are forgiven, that he shall be saved. But he can have no good hope of glory. It cannot be too fully understood, or too deeply realized, that absolute despair of help and salvation in any other possible way, except by Christ in us, is an unalterable condition of our knowing and embracing Christ as our Hope.

Many seem to have conceived of Christ as their hope only in His outward relation, that is, as an atoning Savior, as a risen and ascended Savior, but also as a factual, historical, concrete statistic. The indispensable necessity of having Christ within them, ruling in their hearts and establishing His government over their whole being, is a condition of salvation of which they have not thought. Christ cannot be truly and savingly our hope, in any degree further than He is received into, and reigns, in our souls. To hope in merely an outward Christ is to hope in vain.

To hope in Christ with true Christian hope implies:

a. We know the full spiritual image of our hopeless condition without Him. It implies an understanding of our sins, as to annihilate all hope of salvation concerning the demands of the Law of God.

b. We know, with such a perception of our spiritual bondage to sin, that without Him, all hope of salvation is extinguished, and that we cannot exist as a Christian without His constant influence and strength to keep us from sinning.

c. With such a knowledge of our circumstances, we know the temptation of fighting our own battles, and the fruitless effort of making, in the least degree, any headway against our spiritual foes. We know, that in our own wisdom and strength, we have no expectation of pleasing God in any respect, and thus, we have no expectation of really being a Christian.

d. We have absolutely no hope from any other source.

e. We know the revelation of Christ Jesus to our souls, as our Hope, by the working of His Holy Spirit.

g. We appreciate Him being our Hope, and we have a hearty and joyful reception of Him in this relationship. The dethroning of self, the utter denial and rejection of self, is essential to the enthroning and crowning of Christ in our inner man. When Christ is clearly seen to be the only hope of our soul, and when He is spiritually received in this relation, the soul learns habitually and constantly to lean upon Him, to rest in Him, and makes no efforts without Him.

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